Planning a Camping Trip

Are you ready for a great adventure? First you need to get organized. Check out our articles and checklists to learn all you need to know about camping and planning the perfect camping trip! Then get up and go!

Camping Checklists

When you're all ready to pack, here are checklists for personal belongings and essential camping supplies.

Camping Etiquette

If you're new to camping, you'll learn the basic written and unwritten rules you should follow to get along with everyone on the campgrounds.

Camping with Pets

Don't want to leave your pet behind? Here are some practical tips and what to expect when you take your dog or cat on a camping trip.


How to choose the best campgrounds for your purposes, campsite fees, and rules and regulations.

Cooking Tips & Checklists

Cooking is part of the fun! This page provides checklists for cooking supplies, equipment and a list of convenient foods that are always popular with kids.


Happy Camping Tips

You'll be a happy camper with these useful tips for gear, cooking, clothing, and planning your camping trip.

Hiking & Backpacking

Get out and enjoy nature! Read our information and hiking tips to keep you safe while you're out on the trail.

RV Camping

If you don't want to quite rough it, or just want to go "glamping", an RV or motorhome is a great alternative to a tent. Here's some practical advice on where to find the best campgrounds, fees, and ways to save money.

Taking Pictures

Don't forget the camera! Here's how to capture nature, wildlife, and your own awesome group of campers in photos for the best memories of your trip.

Travel Tips

Helpful travel tips for preparing your vehicle, entertaining the children, and getting to and from your campsite safely.

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