Camping Etiquette

When you go camping, think of yourself as nature's guests. Be considerate of other occupants of the woods, such as the animals and other campers. It's important to remember that the land is not yours, you are borrowing it. If you've ever encountered littered and run-down campgrounds, you've seen first-hand the damage that inconsiderate campers can cause.

Campsite Rules

Campgrounds have their own set of rules and regulations for a reason, and they need to be followed. By adhering to the rules, your camping trip will be more enjoyable. Call in advance or pick up a sheet at the office. In addition, find out when the "quiet hours" are and respect them as well.

Common Courtesies

Be thoughtful of other camper's wishes as you wish them to do to you. Don't hold loud parties and avoid intruding on other people's campsites unless invited. Everyone has different sleeping habits and those on vacation may wish to sleep in, so keep your mornings quiet. Try not to arrive late and create a ruckus. If pets are allowed, keep them from wandering and clean up after them. Ask about designated pet areas and use them to your convenience.


Although campers are generally a clean bunch, there are those who leave messes behind. Make sure you're not one of them. Keep in mind that someone will occupy the campsite after you and there's no reason they should have to pick up your trash or clean up Rover's dog poo.

Find trash receptacles and use them. Bottles and cans won't burn, so don't throw them into the fire pit. If you must smoke, use an ashtray for extinguishing cigarette butts or throw them into the fire pit when you're done. This avoids littering the campgrounds and potential fire hazards. Use common sense and don't litter. The campground should be left just as clean as you found it.


Imagine how appalling it would be to step in human waste. Whether you're camping in an RV, popup camper, or tent, use the designated facilities or bring your own port-a-potty. If neither is available, make sure you bury your waste to avoid attracting the wildlife, keep the air smelling clean, and protect others from soiling their shoes. How you treat the campsite has an important impact on the beauty and attraction of the camping area. By preserving and respecting it, others can enjoy it too.

“Woodland in full color is awesome as a forest fire, in magnitude at least, but a single tree is like a dancing tongue of flame to warm the heart.” - Hal Borland