Campfire Fun

One of the most enjoyable things about camping is when it gets dark outside and you light a brilliant campfire to congregate and keep warm. This is a time to group together, relax, and just hang out. There are many things you can do to have fun sitting around the campfire and enjoy a good laugh. Or a good scare!


Everyone's probably hungry and ready to eat. Cooking food on a stick is the easiest way to make a meal and snack and kids love doing it. Hot dogs are a favorite, followed by the traditional marshmallows. If you want to get a little more elaborate, make smores with graham crackers, Hershey bars and marshmallows. Compliment your meal with baked beans, smoked sausage, or potatoes wrapped in foil.


OK, so we're not all recording artists but just about anyone can appreciate some traditional folk songs. If someone can accompany the songs with an acoustic guitar or harmonica, you'll have a blast! Here's some favorites:

  • Camptown Races
  • Down in the Valley
  • Home on the Range
  • Kumbaya
  • Oh Susanna!
  • On Top of Old Smoky
  • This Land is Your Land

Tell Campfire Stories

For some real fun, tell spooky campfire stories that will give everyone second thoughts about splitting up and going to their tents. If you want to plan ahead, have everyone make up their own and see who's is the spookiest. This will get creative minds flowing and you'll end up with some truly creepy stories because nobody wants to be outdone. If you have young children, be sure they're safely tucked in and sleeping peacefully before you begin your storytelling or you might have to deal with nightmares. Some things are not for little ones.

Children's Games

Let the kids play charades or the "telephone" game where everyone sits in a circle and whispers a message into the person's ear next to them. It's fun to see how the message changes as it gets passed on from person to person. More games can be found on our camping games page to keep youngsters occupied.

“A great many people, and more all the time, live their entire lives without ever once sleeping out under the stars.” - Alan S. Kesselheim